St. Louis Green

    Mattress Recycling Program


    Did you know?: 4,500,000 mattresses and 4,500,000 box springs (average weight of 55 pounds) are destined for the landfill or incinerator each and every year in the U.S. That amounts to over 250,000,000 pounds of mattresses alone!*

    We want to thank everyone who has donated to our mattress recycling program for 2013. Between April - November 2013, we have recycled over 2,400 mattresses and box-springs, diverting thousands of pounds of waste from local landfills!
    Due to an overwhelming amount of donations and support, we have reached capacity for this program and are wrapping up our 2013 drive.
    Thank you again for helping us make this program so successful!
    About the Mattress Recycling Program:
    Working with area mattress retailers and residents, St. Louis Green's Mattress Recycling Program diverts used and unwanted mattresses from entering the landfills by recycling their components. Cloth, metal springs, cotton, wood, and other materials are separated, sorted, and then sent to area recyclers for use in new manufactured products.  

    * Information provided by Nationwide Mattress Recycling