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    Furniture Donation-Furniture and Metal to Food Program


    About Furniture & Metal to Food: 

    The Furniture to Food and Metal to Food programs offer a unique opportunity for corporations to responsibly dispose of surplus furniture, metal and technology equipment that otherwise would find itself in an area landfill. In this economic climate, many companies have downsized or removed their offices from area commercial buildings. This activity has created a glut of used office furniture and fixtures. So often a company needing to move surplus furniture is faced with excessive moving and storage costs for their unneeded furniture.

    Through sales and marketing endeavors we educate area corporations on the opportunity to donate their furniture and take advantage of our cost effective removal of their surplus inventory. Alliances have been formed with area and national resellers and recyclers to purchase these items at a wholesale value, making it attractive to purchase used furniture even in a depressed market.

    Once a donation has been confirmed, photos and inventory lists are shared with appropriate resellers. These resellers can then determine their level of interest and make an offer to remove the items from our donor’s premises. A timeline is established with the donor and professional removal is completed by a furniture reseller. Upon completion of the project we receive a check from that reseller. A receipt is sent to the corporation detailing the inventory donated; leaving the corporation to assign value.

    Should an inventory not have appeal to our resellers but has a large metal content, the inventory is removed and sent to our metal recycler and we receive a check for the proceeds. On occasion, a donation is mostly wood or has no commercial appeal. These donations are then shared with local outreach agencies offering furnishings not available on their tight budgets and still diverting the landfills through reuse.


    Congratulations to the Top Ten Furniture & Metal to Food contributors of 2012!  

    These companies, schools, and organizations have diverted millions of pounds of waste from our landfills, and have helped to feed the hungry in the process!  

    The top contributors are:

    1) Federal Records Center: 3,489.591 pounds

    2) Washington University (Danforth campus): 1,064,643 pounds 

    3) St. Louis University: 129,877 pounds

    4) Wells Fargo Advisors: 129,210 pounds

    5) Partnership for Downtown St. Louis: 89,607 pounds

    6) HBE Corporation: 62,800 pounds

    7) Environmental Operations: 51,540 pounds

    8) SSM St. Mary's Health Center: 44,000 pounds

    9) Schnucks: 33,200 pounds

    10) Stifel Financial Corporation: 27,803 pounds 

    For more information please contact us at 314-222-8004 or